Ya Olive Oil

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AboutThe Client

Ya olive oil is a small exporting olive oil company which is located in Athens, Greece. It distributes its products in 7 countries all across Europe and its bottles can be found on small super market chains, due to the limited and seasonal production.

Ya’s olive oil is produced in Lakonia Peloponnese and it has acquired the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Certification and the Athens University Pharmacy Faculty Certification, therefore it is considered top quality olive oil with pharmaceutical properties.

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About this project

The client’s demand was to build a multi-device layout, having the latest HTML5, CSS and JavaScript standards in order to be responsive across all devices.

Ocrinus team developed two different web platform versions, one for desktop and the other for mobile/tablet. The development was achieved having in mind the what so-called “continuous” CSS animation design, which means the user is always experiencing animated graphics during his visit, even if he continues to navigate in a section again and again.

The Web Design combines the “parallax” design all over the web page with a reactive slider on the header of the main page.

The framework design concept was inspired by the “natural” texture olive oil has, so colors such as green, gold and brown fitted perfectly. Yaoliveoil.gr platform was developed with minimum specifications of i3-core 2.0 GHz CPU and 3GB RAM. Thus users can enjoy the rich User Experience the platform offers.