Eleas Gi

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AboutThe Client

Eleas Gi is the finest Greek modern cuisine restaurant in the Athenian nothern suburbs. It’s located above the “Politeia” square on the highest point of Kifissia area and it first opened its doors to the public in 2002.

Eleas Gi literally means “the land of olive” and their recipe philosophy is mainly based on virgin olive oil. This eminent Greek restaurant collects its ingredients from high-profile producers all over the Greek peninsula. The collection criteria are based on the region’s local specialty and seasonality.

This restaurant will pleasantly surprise you with its eccentric aeshetics on the traditional cuisine and by its ability to reshape every single plate into a post-modern elegant creation, while retaining its original taste. The stunning view of Athens accompanies every food lover to this journey of taste.


About this project

The client had a 15-year old non-responsive website, so it was compulsory to immediately upgrade it to an up-to-date platform due to security concerns, SEO loss and visitor’s disengagement. So, Ocrinus delivered a high-performance web platform with tons of fine touches.

The web design was mainly focused on mixing UX patterns. From the drawer’s auto-scrolling to the parallax effect and from the header’s transformations to the CSS various animations, we applied a variety of modern techniques. Moreover, the website’s main framework was occasionally preserving “the rule of thirds” and sometimes was divided into full width or split into 4 columns.

The web development languages were minified and combined in the end, thus some JavaScript and CSS classes to be held together on both header and footer. This resulted in a mean of 45 requests-responses per page leading the performance even higher. At the same time, we have put a variety of widgets such as Trip Advisor review feeder, Instagram posts feeder, GDPR module, photo slider, and more.

Having recreated the 2 new brand colors inspired by the “golden” look of olive oil and the brownish color of the soil of the land (instead of old green), we have developed a semi-custom website always keeping in mind the SEO design hierarchy. Additionally, every single permalink was reconstructed and finally achieved an A-score in SEO metrics. As a result, the online booking from the organic search during the very first week of its publishment was 2.6 tables/day.