Speech Therapy

Website Development, Graphic Design


AboutThe Client

Logotherapeia – Karpenisi is a speech therapy center located in Evritania Greece, which receives patients with specific communicational, behavioral, psychological and mental problems from all ages.

It specializes in childish problems such as language improvement, early learning difficulties, speech development, autism, down syndrome incidents and other syndromes. Speech therapy also includes programs for adults such as hearing loss improvement and treatment as well as disabled related complaints.


About this project

On this project we designed the logo having in mind the parliance field specialization speech therapy has and we colorfully framed it in order to keep the childish character focus of the industry.

Based on the colors of the logo, we designed the whole website in order to maintain, to connect and extend the aesthetic continuity of the brand. So the yellow was the main action color (main menu color and hover color), red was put in statistics and the grey-blue was used as the secondary color.

The Development was crafted carefully in order to create the “overlap effect” that was placed on the top and the¬†bottom of the website in the homepage of the desktop mode version.

Speech therapy is one of the fastest and light-weight websites Ocrinus has ever created (without even having any CDN support) weighing around 1.8MB in total and loading within Europe approximately in less than 1.5sec. It’s maintenance frequency is every 3 months in order to keep it secure and fast.