Web Development & Graphic Design


AboutThe Client

The client was a medical center located in Athens Greece. It’s medical specialized field is Urology.

Dr. Vasileios Kapralos (Medical center Owner) is a well-established Urologist in the Greek medicine with over 25 years of experience in diagnosis, treatment and surgical procedures of urological complications.

He has worked both in the public and the private sector before he inaugurate his own medical center at the center of Petroupoli. He still operates as a freelance surgeon in 3 private hospitals.


About this project

The whole Web Design on this project is focused on minimal and basic geographic formats such as diagonals, squares and triangles alternating continuously within the customer journey of the user.

The Development and Optimization that took place after the Design process, allowed the final product to be loaded in 2.3 secs with less than 100 total requests