Plus U Radio

Web Design & Development

AboutThe Client

The client is a global broadcasting web radio with hundreds of live sessions/second.

PlusURadio’s main music production is related to a high-bpm uplifting electronic music with in-part psy influences. As one of the oldest Web Radio of its genre, PlusURadio possesses one of the global leading positions in audience ratings.

Established in 2005 by 3 friends in Athens, PlusURadio needed a new and renovative commercial website, containing an immersive web player in order to replace its 2008 version. So we delivered.

PlusU Screenshot 3
PlusU Screenshot

About this project

We followed the procedure of the so-called “mobile-first” one-page continuous web design. One of the main reasons led us on this desicion-making turnover, was the fact that we didn’t want to change the UI aesthtics sequence of the loyal¬†listeners plethora across the devices versions. Thus our desktop full-HTML 5 video body design elements, were mounted on the same order as the Mobile / Tablet’s one.

Mobile first responsive design often lends itself to a linear layout mode, which the content has to be prioritized both in hierarchy and quantity, keeping the user’s desire for scrolling alive.


Live track metadata transmission and sound level control were also added to the functions of the web player. Full header and body embed background video is enabled by default in desktop mode.

Subsequently web programming took place in action where minifying the web programming code and media, made the website’s load-time 110% faster.

Moreover PlusU has a good data center server, resulting to a comfortable multiple sessions handle