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AboutThe Client

Reveco is an non-profit environmental company based in New Zealand. It’s purpose is to participate in environmental actions on a global scale along with it’s parent organizations, such as Greenpeace, WWF etc.

One of Reveco’s main mission is to inform the local population for sustainable and alternative energy and consult people how they can get funds in order to achieve this eco-friendly transformation for their housing and transportations. Moreover Reveco is taking actions to protect some rare under-extinction species which inhabit in New Zealand and it’s surrounding areas.

Reveco Screenshot
Reveco Screenshot 2
Reveco Screenshot

About this project

The client desperately wanted a web page as the Reveco team started to sign agreements with big organizations. First of all Ocrinus redesigned their logo. Secondly we built a web page based on the client’s criteria.

The client’s needs was to integrate an online donation payment system in order to transform their webpage into a mini-crowdfunding platform. They wanted to use it as the main resource for their actions.

Ocrinus Web Design method on this project was the “Page-transition” effect in which the users can see the whole page (not just one section) fading away as they change links of the platform.

Platform was developed for both desktop and mobile/tablet versions, compatible with all the mainstream browsers (IE11 and above) and high-resolution screens (up to 1080p and 200DPI).