Medi Prinou

Google Adwords

AboutThe Client

Medi prinou is one of the biggest brand names on the diet industry of Greece. In 2015 they had made an investement on new laser and fat-burning machines, so they wanted to spread the word.

They distributed their Marketing strategy estimation into classic media and digital marketing. So they have asked from Ocrinus to undertake the Google Adwords section. Ocrinus ascented the proposition and we took charge of the whole structure.

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Prinou Screenshot
Prinou Adwords Screenshot

About this project

First we set the initial goals with the client and set middle 3-month milestones. We divided the Google Adwords budget into 3 different sub-sections. Text Ads, Display Ads and YouTube Video Ads.

Ocrinus team always has 3rd party softwares (apart from Google Analytics) that help us identify, live-monitor and determine how and where we shall distribute client’s money. Then we started building keywords in all sections, based on the trend, demand and relativity.

Anti-keywords played an important role in order to train the machine what exactly we were actually selling. Our copyrighter did an excellent work concerning his copy strategy as his average keyword ranking was about 8.5/10.

After a 3-month period, the results we delivered were impressive. We had achieved an 8% CTR (click-through-rate) in the Display Ads section and an overall 24,7% campaign bid optimization in all sections. The client saw a semantic difference in web page traffice and business phone calls.