Facebook Ads

AboutThe Client

Barilla is one of the biggest productors and distributors of spaghetti around the globe. Their current presence exceeds the 100 countries and new investements are on the way.

Their history began back in 1877 when Pietro Barilla opened his first pasta shop in Parma. They became strong leaders in Greece by realizing the acquisition of Misko brand, which was the Greek pasta brand at the time.

By acknowledging the above, Ocrinus team had a big responsibility to deliver the expected results and metrics Barilla is used to. We were proudly one of the 18 distributors around Greece in Facebook Advertisements.


About this project

The Marketing plan was sent to us through a collaborating agency of ours, mentioning that we have to put an emphasis on user’s engagement through video sponsored ads.

A strong copyrighter was hired for this agile project in order to attract and nail the new product’s highlights (such as 3d spaghetti) and engaging video production spots, helped by providing a more personal story about the Barilla experience.

We ran the Facebook Ad sets both in every device, in both genres, with an age genre 18 – 54 choosing several CTAs, but mainly focused on the new product Barilla landing page user redirection.

The results after a two-month period were astonishing. A letter was sent to us from Barilla Greece mentioning that we were one of the top-5 agencies in Facebook Ads performance in Greece. They have asked for engagement. We delivered.